Magnet Theme

Moreland became an Arts and Health Sciences Magnet School in 2010 after receiving a grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Magnet Schools Assistance Program. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 4 at Moreland learn an arts-infused curriculum supported by effective practices in health and fitness, which helps energize students while giving them tools for lifelong learning. 

The Arts and Health Sciences theme is specially designed to meet students' learning interests and strengths. The theme is woven into all curriculum areas and emphasize 21st century skills such as creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

One step into Moreland and you will see the many forms of art that are integrated into the curriculum for all students. A beautiful art gallery greets all students, families and visitors in the entryway to the school and includes display cases and shelves to showcase student artwork. The art gallery displays change every three to four weeks. 

As you walk around Moreland, you will notice also artwork on the walls with posters explaining the academic standards that connect to the projects. Students at Moreland receive ninety minutes of direct art instruction each week from our licensed art teachers.

Students not only create visual art, but also participate in theater activities such as a fourth grade capstone play. The play is integrated in classroom work as well as work in music and art classes. The play is performed for the entire school during a day performance and for the community at night, usually in March.

Students learn about dance and movement through various residencies thanks to a partnership with Perpich Center for Arts Education. Teachers have participated in workshops to integrate dance and movement into their classrooms through the partnership as well. Every student also participates in our World Cultures/Dance and Movement class thirty minutes each week in our dance studio.

Music is an important art explored at Moreland. Students participate in ninety minutes of direct music instruction each week with our licensed music teacher. There is a keyboard lab with a class set of pianos where students can learn to play piano and practice the basic skills of music and note reading. The keyboard lab is also by classroom teachers to teach foundational skills such as skip counting and patterns. 

Z Puppets Rosenschnoz is partnering with Moreland to bring the "Island of Calm" and "Monkey Mind Pirates" to kindergarten through second grade students. Student learn how to tame their monkeys to focus and find calm in the classroom and their lives. Students also learn yoga, the art of puppetry, and create art to showcase what they learn. This program is made possible through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board and the National Endowment for the Arts, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Moreland has a wonderful indoor track that begins and ends near the front entry art gallery. There are "pit stops" along the way for students to do as a fitness break. Students receive ninety minutes of direct physical education instruction each week from our licensed PE teacher. Students also have the opportunity to move through integrated curriculum, the use of stability balls in the classroom, dance, theater, and more. Each Moreland student also participates in thirty minutes of dance and movement instruction in our World Cultures and Movement class. This class is taught in Moreland's dance studio that includes a beautiful dance floor and full length mirrors. Moreland's Healthy Kids Club as well as other classes have created their own "Jammin' Minute" videos for students to use as brain breaks. Students also enjoy a healthy snack each day of the week through a fresh fruits and vegetable grant. There are so many wonderful things happening at Moreland to teach our students to be happy and healthy.

InSciEd Out - Moreland is partnering with the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities to bring the InSciEd Out program to our third and fourth grade students.  This program integrates the inquiry process of science into all areas of curriculum including literacy and math.  Students are lead through guided experiments to gain knowledge on a topic.  Then as a class students create an extension experiment to test some of their own burning questions.  All of the experiments done focus on health and well-being.  During the experiments, students have access to resources and scientists from the Mayo Clinic to answer any questions they have along the way.  This is a fantastic partnership to help students understand the world around them, be curious, and most importantly realize that they are scientists!

All School District 197 students may attend Moreland or other magnet schools in the district. See the District's enrollment information webpage for details. 

Research shows that when schools and families work together to support learning, everyone benefits — students do better in school and in life, parents become empowered, teacher morale improves, schools get better and communities grow stronger.  Simple things such as attending school wide events or providing support in your child’s classroom will help bridge the gap between school and home and help your family feel like a part of the school community. Talk with your student's teacher about getting involved, or learn more about opportunities organized by Moreland's Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).