Counseling and Guidance

Ms. Steph Casmer
651-403-7860 |

Steph CasmerHi! My name is Steph Casmer.  I have been the school counselor at Moreland since 2009.  I have many fun and educational activities planned throughout the year surrounding kindness.

During the school year, I have the opportunity to teach 30-minute lessons in every classroom each week. Lessons will focus on a variety of topics, including bullying, friendship, empathy, problem solving, impulse control and anger management. I also meet with students individually to help problem solve, re-focus attention on learning, or just to listen.

A group of 4th graders, the Kindness Patrol, meet with me to talk about what they are seeing around the building and how to continue to make Moreland a kind place. They definitely help me to promote kindness throughout the building.

When I am not at Moreland, I enjoy time outdoors, camping, bowling, spending time with friends and family, (including my cat Callie and dog Morgan) or picking up a good book.  

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about my role at Moreland or to discuss a concern you may have involving your student.

Remember to T.T.T.B.K. (Take Time To Be Kind)

At Moreland we show that We Count, We Care, We Can through the A.R.T.S.

Each of School District 197’s eight schools has a counselor on staff to promote a proactive approach to positive and safe school environments. 

Elementary school counselors:
  • Provide needs assessments to monitor the needs of their school's student population and make program adjustments to support those needs.
  • Teach classroom guidance lessons to directly support goals related to school climate, testing/achievement, and the acceleration of excellence.
  • Offer individual counseling to support achievement and excellence goals by addressing barriers to learning.
  • Facilitate support groups to foster cultural assimilation.
  • Coordinate activities to ease the transition to Middle School.
  • Provide consultation and advocacy to make sure each student finds something in school that delights, inspires, excites, and motivates them to pursue excellence.
  • Advise student groups such as the Kindness Patrol, Peer Helpers, Kids’ Council and other extracurricular groups promote kindness and enhance the school experience.
  • Recruit volunteers to support the school community.
  • Conduct accountability and climate surveys within each building.
  • Analyze student discipline and conflict management issues and counselor success.
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